A week after stories were flying about Ann Curry's ouster from the Today Show, it looks like a deal has been hammered out to continue paying her $10 million/year three-year contract (it only started last year) and keep her in a "substantial role" at NBC News.

The Today Show is a huge money-making four-hour behemoth for NBC, but lately Good Morning, America has been more competitive in the ratings. So since Curry has lacked chemistry with Matt Lauer (so they say), she's being booted. (Let's set aside the fact that NBC's primetime lineup isn't helping its morning ratings.) And the likely one to replace her will be Savannah Guthrie, former white House correspondent.

But on the update, Curry is getting one hello of a good-bye: Today, sexy Magic Mike co-star Joe Magnaniello did a "body-roll"/freak on Curry, much to her horror (or is that horrified delight) before a bunch of dancers fake-flash-mobbed with Channing Tatum.

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