Despite the big Outkast festival reunion tour this year, it's been almost a decade since Andre 3000 has made any significant new music. But it hasn't just been Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler ads keeping him away from the studio: Andre 3000 spent a significant chunk of time working on the long-awaited Jimi Hendrix biopic, All Is By My Side. You can see the official trailer below.

We've been skeptical about Andre 3000's acting prowess based on some of his previous films (Four Brothers, Semi-Pro, Idlewild), but he definitely seems to have captured Hendrix's unique cadences and vibe in an uncanny way. Early reviews (the film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year and SXSW this year) have been surprisingly positive so far, with many singling out Andre 3000 ("genius casting") and noting that it's more of a mood piece than a conventional biopic (partially because the film didn't have the right to use Hendrix's original songs).

The film, which was directed by 12 Years A Slave writer John Ridley, will be released on September 26th. The movie charts the early part of Hendrix's career, the period around his still-incredible debut, Are You Experienced, and also stars Imogen Poots, Hayley Atwell, Ruth Negga and Adrian Lester.