Amy Schumer, who won an Emmy nomination for best actress in a comedy series this morning, appears to be one of those comedians who is just as funny off-screen as she is when she's in front of the cameras. Last night, she told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show all about that time she picked up Katie Couric's cellphone and texted Couric's husband, "'I wanna have anal tonight.' And I sent it."

Schumer was recounting how she, Couric, Stephen Colbert and Mindy Kaling were all sitting at a table together at the Glamour Women of the Year awards. She and Kaling were have a "bread-off" to see who could not care about Hollywood and eat the most bread when Couric got up to greet her husband, who had just arrived at the event. From Gawker:

She left her phone open to texts from [her husband, John Molner]. Don’t worry! I didn’t do anything. Except I picked it up, just without even thinking, to text him: “I wanna have anal tonight.” And I sent it... I didn’t even think. It just happened. I pick up the phone, it happened so fast. I show Mindy and I go, “Look what happened!’” She’s like, “What do you mean what happened? You did that! You just did that!” I show Colbert and he is on the floor laughing, like, on the floor. Katie comes back like 90 seconds later and her and her husband are like, “So... we’re leaving.” Like, “I don’t know why he wants to leave.” She loves humor.

There was also that brief time that Schumer was dating Bradley Cooper:

This, indeed, is a talented woman who can catch a dick at any time.