Tina Fey & Amy Poehler had a grand old time at their old stomping grounds of Studio 8H this past weekend as cohosts of Saturday Night Live. They revived beloved old impressions, sang Christmas jingles, introduced men to their future second wives, and even dragging Paul McCartney onstage to play sleigh bells with Bruce Springsteen. And in a cut-for-time sketch, Poehler and Kyle Mooney explored the delicate bonds of sibling relationships during the holidays.

Maybe it got cut because Fey wasn't in it; maybe it got cut because there was a lot of mumbling involved, and it would be hard for the audience to hear it; maybe it got cut because Kyle Mooney pissed off Lorne Michaels and a lot of his sketches haven't made it to air this season; or maybe it got cut due to the headless grandma. We'll never know!

Check out a few more of those cut-for-time sketches from this season below: