The U.S. Department of Interior has seen a lot of weird animal shit in their day (curious owls are OFF THE CHAIN), but rarely do they email blast the entire nation with one Instagram. But this isn't any old camera-curious beast—this is a skunk doing a handstand. Let that sink in for a second: a SKUNK. Doing a HANDSTAND. That's like a dog doing the limbo! Next you'll be telling us that spiders do cartwheels, Department of Interior!

In the press release, the Department of Interior writes: "What the skunk?! Did you know, that spotted skunks will do a handstand to try to scare away would-be aggressors? A video of a skunk testing out its defensive (and acrobatic) skills was captured on a wildlife camera at Saguaro National Park and took the Internet by storm this week." Personally, we think this skunk is just looking for a berry & root payday and/or the chance to be mashed together with "Hotline Bling." Below, we tried to oblige the skunk.

YouTube Doubler

Right about now, you're probably itching to see more footage of skunks doing handstands. It's the human condition! Let us make it easier for you:

While this little guy was spotted in Arizona, it is just a matter of time before more spotted skunks start to rebel against the trash hoarders here in NYC. First the skunks came for Manhattan; then they terrified Bronx residents; then they took to Queens; then they annexed Central Park; and now they're clearly aiming for our subway breakdancing jobs.

Vast riches await the person who first captures a skunk eating a pizza on the subway while doing a handstand (and sends it to

Update: And now, thanks to videographer Jessica Leibowitz, we have a proper mashup of Handstand Skunk and Drake. "You used to call me on your smell phone..." indeed.

Handstand Skunk Blingby Gothamist