Amanda Bynes, the teen star who has seemingly been on a sad spiral, is in New York, Tweeting photos of herself wearing a bra and talking about how she needs to lose 35 pounds to weigh 100 pounds. Jenny McCarthy, anti-vaccine crusader, claimed the NYPD had visited a suicidal Bynes on Wednesday night, but NYPD spokesman Paul freaking Browne told a gossip website that wasn't the case.

Browne told Hollyscoop, "There is no 911 call to the apartment of Amanda Bynes and there is no police record of any of our officers having to go there. Even if a neighbor called the police directly there would be a record of it, as we have to make a note of everything any of our officers do and respond to, and there is absolutely no record of this." So this is good to know: Given Browne's (and NYPD DCPI's) track record of not responding to our emails/requests for information, we'll be sure to work in an Amanda Bynes angle in our next request for comment!

Anyway, here's a video of Bynes working out like a maniac: