When he's not getting into Starbucks-related grudge matches with the NY Post or re-tweeting videos of his girlfriend's yoga routines, mayor-in-training Alec Baldwin will often dive into his political beliefs—and Baldwin has made no secret of supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement. And around midnight, Baldwin finally got a chance to head down to Zuccotti Park and speak with protesters. Watch video of the historic moment below:

Baldwin spent "a too brief two hours" at the park talking to protesters, and helping with cleaning up going on. Reactions to Baldwin visiting was mixed. Bucky Turco of AnimalNY tweeted, "As long as @AlecBaldwin doesn't call any of the #ows protesters a "little pig," I'm cool with him supporting the movement." Aaron Stewart-Ahn was less enthusiastic: "Hearing @alecbaldwin is at @occupywallstnyc discussing influence of corporate $$$. He's an expert in this field, as a shill for Capitol One."

To his credit, Baldwin addressed his association with Capitol One, and defended the company: 'I donated all of my fee from Capital One 2 arts charities. They have been gr8 partners in my support of the arts." He added, "We need a healthy banking system in this country. We need strong capital markets. What is missing are regulations with teeth."

Alec isn't the only Baldwin offering his support to OWS: Billy Baldwin was there too this week (watch below)! We're still holding our breath waiting for Bio-Dome star Stephen Baldwin to weigh in, though.