Jay-Z christened the newly-opened Barclays Center in September with a joyous, sold-out eight night residency. Jay-Z even took the R train from Canal Street to get to the last show—and during his journey he met a lovely older lady who didn't recognize him one bit and asked the demigod who he was. You can see the adorable interaction in the mini-documentary below (just skip to 18:30).

The woman, who has been identified as Ellen Grossman, is an artist (check out an interview with her here)—she is also the platonic ideal for the person New Yorkers most want to sit next to on the subway. The 24-minute documentary shows a lot of the behind-the-scenes work that went into the eight night residency. Other AMAZING facts we learned about Jay-Z: he uses a regular person's Metrocard (not some super celebrity "black MetroCard") he needs several bodyguards to help him get into a subway car, and people like yelling questions at him about Blue Ivy.