(Photo by Arin Sang-urai/Improv Everywhere)

The latest Improv Everywhere "Movies In Real Life" piece is so perfect that we had to reach out to Charlie Todd, who mans the ship over there. The latest installment brings a young Harry Potter to Penn Station, where he searches for Platform 9 3/4, his owl and luggage in tow. Todd tells us, "We picked Penn Station for Harry Potter for a very simple reason: Grand Central Terminal doesn't have a track 9 or 10! We've also staged two projects in Grand Central already so it was fun to work in Penn Station for the first time. It was also fun to bring Harry Potter to such a dreary building."

How many more can we expect in the series? Only a couple, though Todd tells us they may do a second season, or some one-off episodes in the future. As for the ones in the can: "We tried to pick iconic movie moments that almost every knows. The characters and scenes that are instantly identifiable are going to get the best reactions from the random New Yorkers who encounter them. We traveled to Philly for our Rocky episode, but everything else has been here in New York. When Harry Met Sally is the only film we've done (not counting our old Ghostbusters prank at the NYPL) that was actually set in NYC. For the others we've tried to place them in a site-specific location: near the Met Life Clock Tower for the Back to the Future episode, and on the Bow Bridge for Gandalf's 'You shall not pass' scene."