Adam Sandler took a break from offending Native Americans and bowing to the lowest-common denominator to serenade David Letterman last night. Below, check out Sandler, in full "Hannukah Song" mode, singing a sweet ode to the longtime host as he prepares to bid adieu: "If you like gap-toothed men in double-breasted suits/he's #1 on your top ten list." If only Sandler could be this charming (and understated) in more projects!

Speaking of charming, the one and only Tom Waits will make his 10th and final appearance on Late Show with David Letterman tomorrow night to perform an unreleased song, which is very exciting. Waits said in a statement, "I don't know when I will see Dave again. I guess from now on we'll have to settle for bumping into each other at pilates."