On Monday, August 21st, some parts of North America will be treated to a total solar eclipse for the first time since 1979. During their now-decades old broadcast of the last eclipse event, ABC News anchor Frank Reynolds (who died in 1983) concluded with a declaration of hope that the world in 2017 would be a peaceful one.

"So that's it, the last solar eclipse to be seen on this continent in this century, and as I said not until August 21st 2017 will another eclipse be visible from North America. That's 38 years from now — may the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace."

Future total solar eclipses will cross the U.S. in April 2024 and August 2045, maybe we'll have our shit together by then, Frank.

You can watch the full broadcast above, which features some great footage of the 1979 total eclipse. [h/t BoingBoing]