In the American Masters documentary about him last year, Woody Allen revealed his true thoughts about Manhattan: he thought he had made a terrible film, that he "had blown it so badly it was unreleasable." But to most film aficionados and Allen fans, Manhattan has stood the test of time as one of Allen's warmest, most optimistic and romantic movies. AV Club writer Noel Murray took a pop pilgrimage to NYC to visit Sutton Place Park by the Queensboro Bridge, the spot of one of the most iconic scenes in the whole of Allen's oeuvre.

According to Bob Egan, who runs PopSpotsNYC, it turns out that they really did film at 5 a.m. in the morning. They also had to bring their own bench for Allen and Diane Keaton to sit on by the East River. The other really nice part of the piece: this was Murray's first trip ever to NYC! He summed it up by explaining how hard it was to sum up: "I’ve spent less than 48 hours in New York in my entire life, and it’s still hard to capture my impressions from just a day and a half in the city."