Every year, no matter how dismal things get, the holiday season is brightened up by the people of Dyker Heights. Their resplendent holiday light displays are now up for your enjoyment—many of them are now done professionally, as neighbors have been trying to one-up each other since the tradition began. Click through for a look at this year's lights... but for some more colorful commentary, check out the below video from one local visitor, who declares: "It is a twinklin' freakin' wonderland over here... this is drippin' with class."

Even if she's just playing a character (we hold out hope that "your cousin Annette" is real), the uploader's series of videos showing the lights is worth checking out—for the clip below she wrote: "Don't give me a couple a shiny balls and some limp tinsel!! I want you to bitch-slap me with a billion blinking lights, blind me with your brilliant beacons and magnificent marble columns. OMG, who lives here, the Pope?"