Oh sure, wandering onto a train filled with a bunch of dead crabs or catching a glimpse of someone watching porn on their commute is pretty average subway stuff. But seeing an improv performance of a classic WWE Royal Rumble—filled with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Kane, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, The Undertaker and more—in front of a completely unimpressed train full of straphangers? And it didn't get broken up by police? That is something you don't stumble upon everyday as you piledriver your way to work to chokeslam your coworkers.

According to resident Gothamist wrestling expert Dave Colon, this was "not bad, not bad at all. They're clearly huge fans, down to the fact that they recreated the time Booker T dropped an N bomb on Hulk Hogan." While this was the first full Royal Rumble subway recreation, this wasn't the first time comedian Tim Hann Rivera and co. have ventured underground to film some impromptu subway slams.

Colon did have one criticism however: "To be a huge pedant, you don't win the title if you win the Royal Rumble, (except for 1992 and 2016) you only get a title shot."