Courtesy of Bruna Salvador Conforto

You know what never gets old? Talking about Monica's apartment on Friends. Even though the sitcom has been off the air for nine years, it is still just never boring or tiring to revisit how absurdly outside of the boundaries of reality that apartment was. Even if it was rent-controlled and under her grandma's name and that explained the rent: it was still a weird apartment! The odd balcony and balcony window, the weird secret closet that Monica was hiding from everyone, the massive living room, the step in that living room that elevated part of it, and the fact that the ceiling seemed higher than Joey's apartment which was just across the hall? None of it makes sense! It's the most fascinating fictional Manhattan apartment of our time, and that is why it will never go away. Like ever. No matter how many times you've burned sage in a replica apartment and chanted to the dark side. It's just here to stay. Deal with it.

And now the apartment has been recreated out of paper by Brazil-based artist Bruna Salvador Conforto. Flavorpill says the artist "nails it down to the tiniest details, including the tins in the kitchen cabinets, the Guinness poster, and even Monica and Chandler’s wedding photos"... but this thing doesn't even have THE BEDROOMS. So, c'mon.

Anyway, here it is, there for you, when the rain starts to pour: