Can the spaghetti-eating philistines of the underground appreciate some perfectly-spewed Shakespearen prose? Two Brooklyn-based fellas—twenty-somethings Paul Marino and Fred Jones—are currently acting out scenes from Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, and Julius Caesar. And they're doing it right on the moving, oft-crowded subway cars.

You can typically find "Popeye and Cloudy" (the name the two-man troupe goes by) on the J, M, Z, N, R and L trains. According to PSFK, they perform around 20 hours every week (since January) and earn up to $20 per performance.

Do straphangers want Shakespeare on their subway rides? Well, even the giggling cameraman in the below video declares: "You know, I'm pretty f*cking impressed." So was the Wall Street Journal, who recently went along for a ride with the duo.