As part of the Creators Project (coming to DUMBO this weekend), Karen O is bringing her first ever opera to St. Ann's Warehouse, starting tonight. The project, titled Stop The Virgens, has been pretty under wraps, with only a few details released so far... but now a video shows a glimpse at what's in store. Yeah Yeah Yeahs bandmate Nick Zinner says: "It's gonna blow people's minds."

The "psycho opera" (described as "an assault on the tragic joys of youth, fever dreams drenched in visual seduction, a cathartic spell spun through a cycle of nine songs") stars Money Mark, Jack Lawrence, Patrick Keeler, Brian Chase, Nick Zinner, Jason Grisell, Gillian Rivers, Yuiko Kamakari, Justin Kantor and Lili Taylor. Bonus: Tickets are still available for tonight's show!