Recently we were mesmerized by a 17-minute long superclip of the New York City subway in the 1970s and '80s, and now the man who made that—Jonathan Hertzberg—is back with more decades old gritty city scenes. This time he takes the action above ground, delivering over one hour of footage "from the Lindsay years through the first two Koch terms." Hertzberg also explained his process of cutting the clips together:

"All shots are connected by at least one of the following: location, film, character, actor, signage, recurring object, or recurring motif. Try and see how many of these connections you can spot and how many films you can identify."

Below are the first three parts of what Hertzberg calls "Dirty Old New York aka Fun City," but he promises more to come—"As it turns out, there will be a Part IV, which is already about halfway done. Perhaps that will be a good place to stop."

[h/t Vanishing NY]