Australian pint-sized prodigy Aelita Andre is making a splash in New York City again. The five-year-old internationally recognized painter will have her second solo NYC show at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea. The show will feature new acrylic works with incorporated found objects such as plastic dinosaurs, butterflies and penguins, and even a microscope. Her abstract expressionistic style has been lauded for its energy, mature composition, and use of glitter— elements that communicate the wonder kid's youth and imagination and ask the viewer to find their own inner child.

"They're not real. And they're not realistic." Aelita says of her canon. "They're like space. And they don't look really, really much like space, they look abstract." Aelita is already being regarded against the greats, but let's just hope she doesn't tap out by age 8 and really go the way of one.