There's a 4-year-old from Australia making a scene over in Chelsea... but Aelita Andre's not throwing a tantrum, she's wowing the art world. The pint-sized Picasso just opened her first solo exhibition in New York at the Agora Gallery, and has already sold pieces for up to $30,000. It may all be going to her head, however: when Andre visited MoMA with her parents, she asked, "Where are my paintings?" Check out some of her work here, which is filled with "bark, twigs, children’s toys, bird feathers, and other found objects."

Gallery director, Angela Di Bello, told NBC New York, "I saw great colors, great movement, great composition and very playful and I thought this is fantastic, who is this person? Only to find out, she's a child." Though she has been in this painting game for years, starting when she was just 9 months old. Check out this eagle she painted when she wasn't even 2-years-old:

Aelita is hardly the first child prodigy artist to hit the news—there was the 7-year-old "mini-Monet", an 8-year-old who sold $250,000 worth of paintings, and little Maria Olmstead, whose work prompted a documentary to be made about her, My Kid Could Paint That.