Sometimes, TV sitcoms can predict the future...and the deaths of Libyan strongmen. The Daily News reports, "Twenty four years ago, a short-lived sitcom starring Matthew Perry predicted the death of Moammar Khadafy -- right down to the year and manner in which he was killed."

The show, Second Chances, was about a young man who died in a hovercraft accident and went to St. Peter to get into heaven, only to be sent back to Earth to right his wrongs. In the pilot episode's opening, which has the date July 29, 2011, after St. Peter sees a dead beauty queens, Gadhafi appears following the sound of gunfire. St. Peter says, "Oh come on, you must have known it was coming. Many few parents these days are naming their kids Moammar... Colonel Khadafy, hear me. Because you have ordered the deaths of innocent people by means of terrorist you're sentenced to spend eternity wired as a human bomb. Every two minutes you will blow up."

Fun fact: Second Chances was created by the team behind Punky Brewster.