Rose McCoy protests SeaWorld (Courtesy of PETA)

As expected, PETA and other animal activists turned up at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade earlier to protest the SeaWorld float, or more specifically, SeaWorld's confinement of whales. PETA's Colleen O'Brien tells us that as they lined up to protest today, 12-year-old Rose McCoy "jumped over the parade barricade while holding a sign reading 'Boycott SeaWorld,' and protested alongside the float before being escorted back behind the barricade by authorities." You can see that in the video below:

McCoy says, "SeaWorld takes baby orcas from their mothers and forces them to live in small concrete tanks, never knowing what it's like to spend time with family or swim long distances. I hope people who saw me at the parade will boycott SeaWorld until it stops tearing families apart and returns these animals to their ocean homes."

As we previously noted, the renewed protests against SeaWorld come in the wake of documentary Blackfish, which digs into the amusement park's allegedly inhumane treatment of its whales. "Keeping an orca in small concrete tank is like forcing a human to spend its entire life in bathtub. Macy's needs to catch up and realize including this float celebrates cruelty to animals in what is supposed to be family event. It ruins the parade," PETA spokesperson Ashley Byrne told us earlier this month.