A few filmmakers recently compiled some shots from about 100 subway stations around the city, and while the result is pretty mesmerizing, the few scripted parts disrupt the flow of an otherwise beautifully, extemporaneous tableau. Everyone knows New Yorkers deliver their best material when they're off-script!

The film company who put this together is based in Michigan, so we'll give them a pass. Snowday's Taylor Norton tells us that, "Many of the storylines were pre-conceived and shot with New Yorkers we invited to participate, but most of the scenes were impromptu and shaped with people we met on the platforms along the way."

They believe the two-minute film "captures the essence" of our subway system. Check it out below—you'll only see each station for one to two seconds, "as if the viewer is scanning through radio stations; the piece highlights those brief moments of angst, humor, and beauty that we all experience during our daily commute."