Ladies in over-the-top lingerie get-ups stomped down the runway at the Lexington Avenue Armory for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. According to Newsday, "Some 2,000 showgoers including Jay-Z, Michelle Trachtenberg and Virgin Atlantic's Richard Branson (a 'fashion show virgin,' he said) were treated to the extravaganza of bra-and-panty clad Victoria's Secret angels - much more modest than in years past - strutting down a runway with adjacent mosh-pits, wearing massive wings, lunar sculptures, branches and glitzy accessories that conjured a 'magical journey' from space voyage, old world train travel, an enchanted forest and a happy hippie segment that included a giant inflatable pink polka-dot puppy that rose from the floor."

Heidi Klum, who gave birth to her fourth child last month, was among the models. She was originally only going to host, telling People, "You definitely have less pressure when you don’t shake your booty in front of millions around the world," but ending up wearing a corset and skirt for her runway walk, "I embrace that I have more curves right now. I’m definitely one of the heaviest of the bunch of the 30 girls in the show."