Vice Media, Rupert Murdoch's favorite NSFW hipster mag/HBO show/media conglomerate, seems to be continuing its reign of terror in Williamsburg, having just announced a move to a 60,000-square-foot space on South 2nd Street and Kent Ave. Scarier still, it seems like the "former industrial building" they're taking over is currently home to DIY venues Glasslands, erstwhile 285 Kent, or Death By Audio, and though this hasn't been confirmed, it's pretty unsettling if it is true.

The Wall Street Journal reported Vice's impending relocation today, noting that the production company will more than double its 400-person staff when it moves from its current space on North 11th and Wythe—a space that housed longstanding consignment shop Beacon's Closet before Lil Bub & Friends moved in. The company will also receive significant tax breaks—$6.5 million in tax credits, to be exact—from the state to stick around rather than to move the production side to their new Los Angeles offices.

And then, of course, there's this scary rumor:

We contacted both Glasslands and Vice to see if the latter's new space is one and the same, and will update when we hear back. If Vice really is moving in and, worse, stellar venues Glasslands or Death By Audio are moving out, well, that's kind of it for Williamsburg, isn't it? Oooh, but a Starbucks, shiny!