Vesuvio Playground is located across the street from Gothamist HQ, on the corner of Spring and Thompson Street. Back in May, we reported that the entire half-block long playground had been entirely shut down for renovation, with reopening set for January 2007. Why it would take seven months to repave a playground was beyond us-- until we noticed that there were never more than three guys working on the site at once, and for days at a time the entire site was completely deserted. People in the neighborhood told us that the Parks Department routinely awards projects to whoever submits the lowest bid, even if they're a tiny company with no ability to finish a job on time. That appears to be the case here-- as the "updated" sign above shows, the reopening has been pushed back to May, and progress seems to be going as slow as ever.

All the while, of course, no one in the neighborhood can use this park-- not the families with little kids who used the playground area, the old people who spent all day on the benches, or the high school kids who hung out by the tables after school. Basically the entire ecosystem of the neighborhood has been disrupted, with no end in sight. And for what? So the Parks Department can save a few bucks? Outrageous.

If anyone in the neighborhood knows who we can complain to, let us know.