As you already know, when we were younger we had a friend that really loved the New Kids On The Block. So much so that she had every inch of wall and ceiling space in her bedroom plastered with photos of the band, torn from magazines. So lame, right? Hahahaha what a loser. Well, we thought that this friend, wherever she is, might be interested in Donnie Wahlberg's recent Tweet, stating: "Pardon The Interruption... NEW YEARS EVE! NYC! Every fan of NKOTB will want to be there!"

No more details are out there now, but hopefully (for the sake of our friend, who was never much of a BSB fan), since he didn't include the "SB" at the end of "NKOTB," it means they're ditching the Backstreet Boys for this one.

This just in! Our friend got in touch just seconds after this post went live and says we should include these "classic" videos in our post. (She totally had a whole collection of NKOTB television appearances on a series of VHS tapes when we were younger. We're blushing for her even just typing this!):