Bears in the New Jersey suburbs: It's an endlessly fascinating subject, whether the bears are boxing, swimming, walking upright, holding hardcore backyard wrestling matches or generally frolicking. And now, here's a video of a black bear swimming in a backyard pool in Rockaway Township, another piece of bear cinema that shows us our ursine friends are not so different from us after all.

The bear, who I'm going to call "Ledecky" on account of the fact that she is such a good swimmer, was accused of popping a tube in the Dowling family's pool. I'm going to excuse Ledecky for the crime, even if she did it, because those aren't meant for bears and she probably didn't mean to break it.

Bears are becoming such an integrated piece of the Jersey suburbs that I wouldn't be surprised to wake up one day and learn that Ledecky has been elected to the New Jersey State Assembly representing Rockaway Township. It's no dog mayor, but it's something.