Delicious has long been an indispensible tool for our work here at Gothamist-- we have bookmarks for dozens of tags and monitor them throughout the day. Our favorites include Brooklyn, New York, and Photography, but our favorite tag is definitely "NYC." Starting today, Josh and his pals have added a new feature to make the NYC tag page even better: you can now see the most popular recent NYC tags. The default view for the NYC page is to show every link tagged with NYC-- often the same ones repeat, and it's a lot to keep up with-- this page makes it much easier to see the most important links. As of this morning, these are the NYC links that top the list:

1. New York On Tap - Reviews of New York City's best bars and restaurants
2. NYC Subway Art
3. Overheard in New York
4. open and public spaces in nyc
5. New York City Map Portal
6. New York Hack
7. - Subway Directions and Bus Directions for New York City (NYC)
8. Holla Back New York City - Street Harassment is not OK
9. New York Underground @
10. PShark Home

Remember: if you use delicious, and you spot links that you want to share, tag them "for:gothamist" and they will appear on our Contribute page. We'll post about the best ones each day.