Million Little PiecesBrad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's Warner Bros.-based production company, Plan B, just bought the rights ( - registration required) to James Frey's memoir, A Million Little Pieces. Michael Fleming writes, "The memoir opens as Frey finds himself aboard a Chicago-bound plane, missing four teeth and with a hole in his face, unable to remember how he got that way. Strung out on booze and crack at age 23, and wanted by authorities in three states, he ends up in a drug treatment facility in Minnesota." And it's too clear why Hollywood came a-knocking - this is essentially actor's porn.

We've heard from a friend that if he saw Frey on the street, he'd punch Frey out. We understand that sentiment well when it comes to seeing people on the street. But, overall, Gothamist would rather see the Plan B remake of Infernal Affairs.

Gawker interviewed James Frey.