The trailer for the new Hugh Jackman 19th century action-horror-thriller pastiche, Van Helsing, is up. Jackman plays monster hunter Van Helsing, tapped to destory Dracula, the Wolf Man, and Frankenstein's monster; Kate Beckinsale will be doing something also. If you're thinking "Where is that other classic horror movie staple, the Mummy?" it's actually in director Stephen Sommer's other film, The Mummy. Van Helsing looks very flash, busy, dizzying and expensively made, as well as gleefully anachronistic (check out Van Helsing's weapons), but since it has Hugh Jackman, who makes even the crappiest movie bearable (Someone Like You, Kate & Leopold), we'll shell out $10.25 for it. Best parts of the trailer: Hugh Jackman drawing the John Woo double guns and Hugh Jackman ripping off his shirt.

Some of the werewolf effects reminded us of Beckinsale's recent movie, Underworld, which was underwhelming. She's got that glinty, "I'm a vampire" look in her eyes during the trailer, which should be good for a third act twist in Van Helsing.