Forget all that stuff about Bill de Blasio's anti-Semitic campaign aides—what matters now is that if the public advocate is elected mayor, Vampire Weekend will be responsible for penning the city's official song.

A new video from actor Steve Buscemi, who is directing the band's American Express Unstaged concert later this month and is maybe? possibly? related to bassist Chris Baio, depicts the legendary actor approaching de Blasio outside of the Sunset Park bowling alley where he's campaigning.

The mayoral candidate reveals himself to be something of a Vampire Weekend fanboy, gushing about A-Punk and using the word "great" no less than 17 times. "I just can't wait for their new album, Modern Vampires of the City—it's something I've been waiting for," he said. He goes on to gently lecture the disinterested band about the importance of self-promotion, sounding like everyone's father, ever.

"Guys, you gotta promote yourself," he said. "Let's show a little bit of energy and focus, right Steve?"

"That's right!" Buscemi agrees. But Vampire Weekend look bored with this sermon, wordlessly smirking and fidgeting with their pockets.

This is the second video Buscemi has produced for the band (here's the first one), and frankly, we hope there are many, many more where they came from.