Vampire Weekend, who are not my favorite band despite the fact that all Gothamist commenters think they are, released their hotly-anticipated (but not by me! I was merely awaiting it) fourth album, Father Of The Bride, today. They're throwing an all-day party at the newly-reopened Webster Hall on Sunday to celebrate (with pizza and bagels!), but you don't have to wait until the Vampire Weekend to get your Vampire Weekday fix.

The band just announced that they're in Washington Square Park right now putting on an impromptu show for fans and passersby. I can only imagine how betrayed their Columbia University brothers and sisters are feeling right about now.

BrooklynVegan claims the band will be streaming it on their Instagram, though we haven't seen any vids pop up yet—I guess keep an eye on their Instagram if you can't frantically run out of your office right now while screaming, "BOAT SHOES AND DECONSTRUCTIONS OF THE PRIVILEGE CLASS!!!!"

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You (not me) can listen to their new album here (which even I, an avowed lukewarm Vampire Weekend fan, have to admit is pretty good, though not as good as the new Guided By Voices album or the new Big Thief album). In the meantime, don't be alarmed if you see me out with the boys tonight.