Astute streetart fans have noticed an increasing prevalence of Val Kilmer heads on the streets of New York. We naturally assumed that some demented VK fan was putting out a desperate cry for help, but Fox News has put together some other theories:

When the Vals first popped up, conspiracy theorists (who are in no short supply in New York) immediately began guessing who the perpetrator of the postings might be — and why in the world they would do it. Some suggested a corporate marketing ploy, others an obscure band trying to get its name out.

Some were certain that it was the actor himself trying to get back into the spotlight.

"Val is against the defacement of any public property," said his publicist Michael Yanni, adding that while Kilmer won't comment directly on the peculiar postings, he is aware of them and "definitely intrigued. He is wondering about the why and who of it all."

We learned two things from this story: 1) the plural of Val Kilmer is Vals Kilmer (like "attorneys general"), and 2) Fox News is really having a slow news week. [Related: we've been tracking the Vals for quite some time.]