It's haunted house season, and Theatreworks' high-tech haunted hotel, the Gravesend Inn (located at 186 Jay Street in Brooklyn), has returned. The creepy, creative project is produced by City Tech's resident theatrical troupe (part of the CUNY school's Department of Entertainment and Technology) and they claim to be a "theme-park-quality Halloween attraction." We went over to check it out for ourselves, and here are some sneak peeks.

Before you check in though, you should (suspend disbelief and) know that the old seaside hotel was built on a cemetery inhabited by Brooklyn's first settlers and shipwrecks have occurred numerous times right off the shore. You know what this means: pirate ghosts!

Dare you enter the hotel, you'll have to do so on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday only, through October 31st. Even ghosts need some time off!