The 1983 science fiction show, V, may be coming back as a TV movie. CNN neatly summarizes the premise of the show:

It centered on the Visitors, aliens from a distant planet who came to Earth with the promise to solve the world's problems through their high technology, but after gaining control of the planet through subterfuge and media manipulation, began to methodically kill their hosts. A small group of humans, who discovered the Visitors' true plan -- to conquer the Earth and eat its population -- form a resistance and lead the fight against the invaders. "

Gothamist was seriously creeped out by V when we were little. Aliens that look like people, but with snake-like tongues. And when we watched the new Mission: Impossible TV show, we were shocked to see Visitor Diana, played by Jane Badler, as one of the M:I force. But when revisiting V for this post, we didn't remember the sets being so cheesy and low-rent. The IMDB listing for V.