It's been barely more than a decade since the first theatrical version of American Psycho came out (and two since Bret Easton Ellis published his lightning-rod book), but Hollywood apparently thinks it's time to bring back Patrick Bateman and his lusty (and bloodlusty) ways, albeit in a modern-day incarnation.

Variety is reporting that Lionsgate has hired Noble Jones, whose only credit is as second-unit director on The Social Network, to write and direct a "reimagining" of Mary Harron's 2000 version, which starred Christian Bale as an '80s-era Wall Street suit with a psychotic thirst for hookers and murder.

The difference is that this time, the story would be set in modern-day New York, which we can only imagine will involve a wealthy Bateman cruising Occupy Wall Street for sexy anti-greed victims. Reuters shares our frustration that Bateman probably won't be "extolling the virtues of Huey Lewis and the News while he spreads carnage this time around," but hypothesizes that he would probably be a Nickelback fan instead, which is completely inaccurate: he's totally more of a Black Eyed Peas kind of guy, don't you think?