USA Today

Hey! The McPaper says that political web logs are really influential! On the front page, USA Today reports that there's a "new class of political arbiters" who "call themselves bloggers." Luckily, USA Today explains what bloggers are to the millions of business travelers who pick up the paper from outside their hotel room door:

Bloggers get their name from Web logs, a new form of publication on the Internet. A blog is a cross between an online diary and a cybermagazine, aggressively updated to draw readers back. Just a few years ago, blogs were relatively rare. Now there are millions. They're devoted to every topic imaginable, from knitting to dating to homelessness. But those who have had the most impact write about politics.

USA Todays claims their readers are tech savvy. As Triumph would say, Gothamist poops on your "tech savvy" readers, USA Today.