Martha Stewart and Choire Sicha

We can see the headlines and photos now: "Gawker Gagged!" with editor Choire Sicha, handcuffed and being led to 1 Police Plaza, yelling, "Anything to defend the rights of journalists...I mean, bloggers!" Newsday reports that federal court officials are wondering how the "secret questionnaire" for Martha Stewart's jury selection got leaked to "chatty hipster Weblog" Gawker, which posted one potential juror's email. "Court officials said they were reviewing the Gawker posting but declined to comment about what action could be taken to track down the tipster. Those who violate judicial orders can be held in contempt of court."

Choire, if you're in locked up for contempt of court, Gothamist will be sure to have our good friend, Executive Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy see what he can do. Oh, wait, he's not real...okay, we'll start a tip jar for your legal fund.

[Via Anil who says he'll visit Choire in prison. Field Trip!]