2003_9_usnews.jpgU.S. News and World Report wants let the heartland know it's okay to date online with their cover story, Love.com. The article looks at mostly online daters who end up married or explains that, yes, all kinds of people, even attractive ones, use online dating services. There were some interesting thoughts and quotes here and there, such as one from the founder of eHarmony ("In this culture, if we like the person's looks, if they have an ability to chatter at a cocktail party, and a little bit of status, we're halfway to marriage. We're such suckers."), but Gothamist couldn't feel depressed when we read "Other popular sites, like Friendster.com (sidebar), use circles of buddies to recommend dates of good character." Our lives boiled down to a sentence in an article in U.S. News and World Report that's not Best Colleges issue-related.

The New York Times said online daters weren't losers in June, bringing the lapse between NYT and US N & WR to about three months.