My new wall system from Workbench arrived today. One of my building's porters scolded me, telling me I should have told the manager in advance. ("He doesn't want deliveries on Saturdays!") I thought about how usually I work during the week and that it's better to supervise the delivery but decided it would be a lost cause. Even referencing the pain I was in from the wisdom teeth extraction would falls on deaf ears. But it was better I had the delivery on Saturday: Workbench delivery/installation men didn't know how to assemble the middle part of the wall system.

Installing drawersHow am I going to get the TV in there

The movers set up the system, put the drawer pulls in, and that was about it. I decided against asking them for a favor (moving my TV into the wall unit) because I suddenly realized that the mess of cords running from all of the peripherals would need some extra thinking.

Argh, the cords are too shortNot the optimal distance from the wall unit, but it'll have to do

I spent some time on the floor, trying to reach for electrical cords to be plugged in, snaking wires to and fro...that's the one problem with this wall unit: there needs to be an opening near the top of the TV hutch to reach the stereo above. I'm going to need to get some longer cords. There is also room in the space for a bigger TV at some later point. I had to move my poster over by 3 inches (I don't know if I mis-measured or if Workbench mis-stated the width of 84.5"; I wouldn't rule either out). which took as long as rehooking up most of the entertainment involved a wire hanger, stepladder, and moving the wall system out so I could get a better look to see if both hooks caught the poster's hanging wire.

Drawer Sweet DrawerNot bad

But I am excited about the Tivoli wall system. I now have space for my DVDs. I do like the glass shelves above and below the TV for the DVD and VCR, and there's still room, I think for a future Tivo. I still need to figure out the best distribution of books between the various places I keep books, but for now, I decided coffee table books, movie books I usually read, and more recent fiction for here. Besides bear and panda transformers, or Otori-san, I like other figures on my shelves, but I scaled down a little. The new wall system is making me aspire to be more organized and mature. Most likely a temporary phenomenon.