Not that it's new news, but I'm obviously crazy because I arranged to have my new wall unit delivered this weekend - the very weekend I'll be recovering from wisdom teeth extraction. Tonight, I decided I had to move my old Ikea wall unit out of the living room so I wouldn't have to worry about it. This involved disconnecting the various entertainment peripherals, moving the 27" TV out, moving the wall unit, and re-connecting everything so I can watch TV later. I did this by myself, which is either good or a case of bad idea jeans. I seem to wear bad idea jeans often, though.

Half-cleared outTV out
Ready for new wall unitGhetto set-up

The current set up is pretty ghetto, but not for long. It didn't really take that long to unload everything, and it's a good opportunity to re-organize my CDs and DVDs, which are sitting in about 8 shopping bags. I'll update later with pictures of the new wall unit later.