2006_07_christieb.jpgThere's really no reason to feel sorry for Christie Brinkley. She's richer and more beautiful than about 99.999% of the human population. But having the Post reveal that you're getting divorced from your fourth husband because he's infatuated with a 19 year old girl, well, that hits Gothamist's sympathy button. And heck, we've seen the video for "Uptown Girl" so many times, we'd expect her to pull up at a gas station in about ten minutes. The Post reports that architect Peter Cook offered Diana Bianchi a job at his firm, after meeting her at a Southampton Village toy store while "shopping for his children." Jeez! He "wrote her love notes and showered her with cash," and Bianchi's stepfather unsuccessfully tried to intervene. And then Brinkley found out about her husband was dating Bianchi by going through his emails.

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