Even though the network media upfronts don't mean anything - except to advertisers - because schedules can be shuffled and shows killed between now and fall, Gothamist is still excited, because it's about hope (Tina Fey's new show to be good, Veronica Mars to be picked up) and new seasons of shows we love (The Office, My Name is Earl...and, heck, we can't help but watch Grey's Anatomy). Anyway, there are a lot of NYC-set shows coming in the fall season; NBC has Kidnapped and The Black Donnellys. Things we're wondering about:

- Will 30 Rock, the show about a sketch show starring Rachel Dratch, Tracy Morgan, Tina Fey, and Alec Baldwin, be good? And will it be a way to expose prime time viewers to the SNL cast...so they watch SNL?
- Will Studio 60, the Aaron Sorkin show about a sketch show, be as boring as the trailer looks?
- Who is leaving Law & Order? (A Variety article says Dick Wolf will be making cast changes)

CBS and Fox (and the CW) will have upfronts later this week. Zap2It has good coverage of the upfronts, and the NY Times' Virginia Heffernan's blog about the upfronts is pretty funny (she disses Crash, Jeff Zucker, references to Cat Fancy, stingy seat-assigning from ABC). The Post says Leslie Caron will guest star on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in the new season - she watches from France plus she knows Sam Waterston from shooting Le Divorce (a sweet trifle of a film).

Ooh, and TV Squad says Veronica Mars was renewed by the CW! Hooray!