There was a hilarious article in the Daily News' "Thersday" section a couple weeks ago about the phenomenon of "updating," which is the concept of dating someone of a "higher caliber," sort of an upwardly mobile type dating. While Updating: How to Get a Man or Woman Who Once Seemed Out of Your League author Leil Lowndes may have been successful in suggesting that a woman interested in hooking a mate that she move from Queens to the Upper East Side ("downliving" from a 2-bedroom to a studio in the process), which resulted in her meeting a widower in the UES building's elevator and ultimately marrying him, this is not a new phenomenon. It seems to be the modus operandi of a very distinct subsection of women in New York, to date rich and powerful men and elevate their status (some might call it gold-digging, opportunism, striking the iron while it's hot...).


As anyone knows, you can succeed in updating if you max out your credit card and hobnob in the finest places. And, hey, apparently English accents in your apartment (worn Oriental carpets, wood paneling) are signals that you might be classy (yes, ladies, avoid the guys in their late 30s still sleeping on a futon). Then there are the women who "downdate" in order to manage their expectations; there's a particularly sad story about a woman whose past boyfriends were disrespectful or gay - now she's a downdater. Daily News revels in looking at female celebrities and juding whether they are up- or downdaters (Britney Spears - currently a downdater; Uma Thurman - updater), which makes Gothamist realize why male celebrities were examined for their dating - they generally date Playboy models or personal assistants (not that there's anything wrong with that!). But isn't simple happiness enough? Who cares? Oh, wait, what are we talking about...it's New York.