[UPDATES BELOW] An animatronic Trump Zoltar machine (you remember Zoltar, right?) with glowing red eyes was spotted by reporter Camille Dodero in Greenpoint this morning. The machine, as you can see below, prophesies a brave new world of high speed deportation trains.

"Look into my crystal ball and see America's future," the 'All Seeing Trump' declares. "I see a huge investment into a modern, high speed rail system. Very advanced, very fast. And we're going to use it to deport 11 million illegal Mexicans. And by the way, I love the Mexican people. I love their spirit! I love their spirit. And I love packing them onto trains like cattle. And I build the best deportation trains, believe me. My trains are so much better..."

Dodero says the Trump machine was packed into a van and driven away shortly after the above video was taken. Where will Trump Zoltar appear next? If you see it, drop us a line.

Here's another clip from Dodero, who says the installation was spotted on the northern end of Manhattan Avenue, at the corner of Clay Street:

This feels like another Banksy October surprise, doesn't it? (We asked the crew behind the naked Trump statue stunt if this was their handiwork, and we'll update if we hear back.)

Update 11:20 a.m.: A Banksy spokesperson denies that Banksy has anything to do with this.

Update 12:01 p.m.: Here are some more video clips from the Trump Zoltar, courtesy Dodero:

Update 12:50 p.m.: The All-Seeing Trump has now appeared outside Trump Tower in Manhattan!

Update 3:20 p.m.: And here's a good video of The All-Seeing Trump in action in front of the NY Times building:

Update 4:25 p.m.: A Twitter account called @AllSeeingTrump was created in August and features a profile photo that seems plausibly connected to today's stunt.

The account profile links to a website called "All Seeing Trump," which is still under construction.

And according to one tipster, the All Seeing Trump was in Atlantic City outside the Trump Taj Mahal on the evening of Sunday, October 9th—the night of the second presidential debate and the last night before the hotel closed for good. The tipster also says Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was at the hotel filming a segment, though it's unclear if there's any connection.