Usually around this time we're refreshing Banksy's website and Instagram to see where today's piece will be, but around 10 a.m. he posted: "Today's piece will be posted at 5 p.m." But what will it be? And is he working on it right now? If you see a tarp, let us know.


Until then, we make wild speculations and theorize on what the piece will be. In-house street art expert Jake Dobkin says, "My guess would be it's something that’ll be unveiled, and is still being worked on, so probably something bigger than a regular stencil on a wall. Maybe that car we found in Red Hook, or another big installation piece like the one on the LES."

Or maybe ol' Bankster just got snockered and slept in today.

UPDATE, 4:45 p.m.: Banksy has pushed his piece to 6 p.m. Earlier there were rumors about something happening at Elizabeth and Houston. When we checked out the area it was covered with a tarp, but you could easily see through—we spotted a bumper car, a speaker, and lights:

Photo by Jeremy Unger/Gothamist

Photo by Jeremy Unger/Gothamist

UPDATE:Here's the final piece.