Banksy has been traveling across the country for the last couple of weeks, doing pieces and promoting his movie "Exit Through The Giftshop". After he hit Toronto and Boston, streetart enthusiasts were betting he'd show up in NYC. Those suspicions turned out to be true this morning, when this piece showed up at Cedar and Trinity down by Wall Street. Email us at if you spot any more!

Related: according to our archives, the last time Banksy did work in NYC was October, 2008, when he was promoting his Petshop in the West Village.

Updated 11:06AM: we discovered a second Banksy in DUMBO at Water and Jay. Anyone else see any?

Updated 4pm: we got a hot tip on a third Banksy in SoHo, and sent Luna Park over to investigate. Turned out to be genuine. Still working to pin down rumors of Chinatown and Williamsburg pieces- stay tuned!

Updated 7:23pm: Chinatown Banksy is verified! See picture above. Any other sightings or rumors?

Updated 7:15am, May 18: The Soho, Financial District, and Chinatown Banksy pieces have already been dissed!