Ooops, we're guilty.

Did you take a photo of your voting ballot today? After all, most of us don't get stickers, so how else would someone know we performed our civic duty if we didn't photograph it and circulate the proof via social networking sites? What Instagram filter did you use? Wait, that's not important, we're actually here to tell you it's ILLEGAL.

According to New York State Law (17-130), it is a misdemeanor in relation to elections to show your ballots after it is prepared for voting, or to "reveal the contents." This site states that: "Photographing or filming one's own vote at the time of voting and afterwards displaying the image on a publicly accessible platform like the Internet" is illegal. We called the New York State Board of Elections to double-check on this and the woman we spoke with confirmed, after briefly chuckling.

Did you document your vote? See you in jail!

UPDATE: According to, "Lawyers for the New York State Board of Elections made a decision today that it does not violate New York State laws to post photographs of ballots online." They explain: "New York State law prohibits a voter from showing his ballot to others after it is filled out. But lawyers for the state Board of Elections determined today that a photo is different than an actual ballot, spokesman John Conklin said." We did it, Internet! Instagram your little hearts out.