Yesterday Banksy announced he's "attempting to host an entire show on the streets of New York," and his first piece went up on Allen Street. As our own Jake Dobkin sardonically noted at the time, "The goal of this coverage is to blow up Banksy's spots as quickly as possible so local graffiti artists can go tag them." And alas, that happened pretty fast. First some light blue text was added that read: "(c) PHATLIPP Sweaty palms made me lose the love of my life :(" — pretty boring on the dis front. Then a nice addition was brought in by Smart Crew, which we'll have more images of later. And eventually it was all buffed. But now there's a new "blank canvas" up... somewhere.

Banksy just posted this photo of his second piece on Instagram, with just the caption "Westside." The piece itself reads: "This is my New York accent... normally I write like this." So where in the world on the westside is it? We'll update when we find out.

UPDATE: We've got a man headed to the scene right now... the piece is at 25th Street between 10th and 11th. See it before it gets buffed.

Street art photographer Mike Cosentino told us, "I think the piece is a great homage to this style of writing, which for so long has been part of NYC's unmistakable visual identity. From its origins uptown, to the grimy subways of the 1970s, to today where it can be found in every corner of the world, it lives on relatively unchanged and instantly recognizable - its swoopy letterforms a swoopy letterforms a celebration of the hurried and illegal nature of it all. Wish I was in NYC to check it out."